Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Senjua - The Liberian Song of Welcome

Senjua, the Liberian song of welcome, and our warm-up song today, was a fine chance to work on improvised harmonies, bass and soprano and by the time we finally managed the three parts, that 'welcome' word, _ Senjua, was sounding so much warmer and meaningful. Our hearts, as well as our voices were truly warmed up!

Working on the instruments next it was encouraging to see how those beaters were gliding up and down so much ore nimbly after only oneweek and another reminder of the importance of that learning interval during which our brain seems to absorb a pattern quite subconsciously, giving us the enhanced ability when we return to a learning challenge.

After the break, Jim treated us to 'I hae laid a herrin in saut' on his tin whistle, lovely words and a delightful tune but a tricky sing which we are picking up gradually.

Finally we returned to Boomfalera, singing the chorus in 2 part harmony and taking a brief look this time at some of the Orff instrumental ostinatos.